It’s exciting news from me today!  Happy Families is expanding the area in which we operate to cover the boroughs of Camden and Barnet in North London.   Here’s the story….

Shortly after I launched the agency in September 2016 I met a gorgeous nanny called Jessie Dyer.  Jessie lives a bit outside the areas in which I was focusing, but we hit it off immediately, found we both had lots of things in common and a similar view of how a nanny agency should be working to provide excellent service to both clients and nannies alike.  Jessie had been thinking of establishing her own agency, so we realised that there was great potential for us to work together to help expand the Happy Families network!

Three months later and Jessie is now fully on board and ready to go!  Jessie is a mum of two young children, works as a part-time nanny and has previous experience working in recruitment and account management.  We’ll be working together closely but she will be exclusively managing the North London network.  If you are a family searching for a nanny, or nanny looking for a family within the Camden and Barnet areas, she’d absolutely love to hear from you.  Also, through her fabulous network, Jessie also has lots of babysitters and maternity nannies ready to go!

Jessie’s email address is

Below is Jessie and her lovely babies 🙂

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