Happy New Year to you all, we hope you had a fun filled Christmas and New Year….!

If you are thinking of new ideas to fill 2018, we thought that now would be a great time to share some fun and useful website and apps that we like to use when organising days out.

A little favourite of Jessie’s: Little Hoots – an app where you can record all the wonderful quotes your little ones say.

Little Hoots can capture all those fleeting moments of your little one’s life. You can design quotes, conversations and stories, add photos and then store them, print them or make photos and order books or gifts.


Another wonderful and useful app is Hoop – it’s a must have for all Parents and Carers!

It lets you discover fun things to do in your area and tells you about free events and activities.



‘Days out with the kids’ is another great site..! When you just can’t think of where to go on the weekend. It’s packed full of ideas and offers savings and special offers.


And, for those of you who like to keep it simple, here’s a little reminder of some classic ideas to stave off boredom on a grey day! 

  • Build a den – inside or outside – you decide! Boxes, furniture and blankets, rugs or bedding can be great den making material – we often use pegs and a play parachute, then have a picnic inside our creation.
  • Get out in the snow – it’s not guaranteed, but children of all ages have great fun when it does snow. Why not try a few different games once the snowman is build – try pin the nose on the snowman using a carrot or frisbee a hat on to his head.
  • Outside crafts – using a few simple materials you can enjoy making a bee hotel or bird feeder and it can be very rewarding to see the results of these
  • Host your own Bake Off and judge the results!
  • Ditch the devices – put away the smartphones and tablets for the day and let your imagination run riot instead.
  • Put on a show! Our children love to do this – the plot can be a bit hit and miss, given that they are so young, but they have such fun rehearsing, finding costumes and even making tickets with allocated seats!

As mums ourselves, we know how important it is to create and keep memories, and hopefully you’ll have a lot of fun with some of these.

Here’s to a healthy, happy and memorable 2018.

Much Love,

Jessie, Steph and Helen x