Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, so let’s try a quick Q&A….

Q:         What is BAPN?

A:         BAPN is the British Association of Professional Nannies.  It is the UK’s only professional association which focuses solely on nannies.

Q:         What would I get as a member of BAPN?

A:         There are lots of advantages to joining, including:

  • Access to free training with leading providers
  • Free CV and portfolio advice
  • Discounts eg/ on nanny insurance
  • Support on finding a role
  • Independent advice eg/ on pay, childcare qualifications and your rights

Q:         What does being a BAPN member mean for me?

A:         It’s a great selling point for you as a nanny – amongst other things it demonstrates to prospective employers that:

  • You meet the high standards required to become a member
  • You are professional and committed to your career as a nanny
  • You are up to date with best practices and as such are able to provide an excellent level of care
  • You are working within the framework of the law

Q:         How much does it cost?

A:         £20 per year – a small price to pay in view of the great benefits. Even better news is that we can offer a 50% discount on this for nannies registered with any ANA (Association of Nanny Agencies) affiliated agencies.  Happy Families is a members of ANA so if you are one of our registered nannies you would just pay £10 per year!

Q:         How do I join?

A:         Check out and if you are registered with us you can also claim your discount.