Exciting news! Happy Families Nannies is launching a brand new sister company, Happy Families Home Support

Happy Families Home Support is a high quality recruitment agency specialising in bespoke non-medical home support for the elderly and disabled.

Since founding Happy Families Nannies 2 years ago, I have dealt with many different families in the local area, and I have learnt that every family and their needs are different. Whether or not your dependents are adults or children, it is vital to ensure that the person helping you fits your needs in both personality, values and life-style. It is this philosophy that also underpins Happy Families Home Support. It is our aim to provide you with a great alternative to the traditional home based care agencies out there.

Happy Families Home Support is run by Elaine Gardner, a qualified Occupational Therapist with 20 years experience working in the NHS in a multitude of clinical settings. Elaine has witnessed first hand how important it is for people both mentally and physically, whatever age and ability, to remain independent and in their own homes, for as long as possible. Elaine is dedicated to finding high-quality bespoke home assistants who will help to bridging this gap and keep people happy at home.

Our home assistants are employed directly by you, chosen by you, and their job specifications are designed by you especially for your needs, ensuring you have complete control.

Happy Families understands that everyone needs help at times during their life, whether it’s to juggle a busy home/work balance and bring up a family, or whether due to illness, old age or disability you require daily assistance, and that help needs to be someone you like, trust and are comfortable around. It is our mission at Happy Families to be able to provide you with high quality, bespoke helpers to help you during all life stages and in all situations.

If this model of home assistance interests you please: