Having just attended one of our bi-annual ANA member conferences, it seemed timely to share with you some information about this awesome organisation we are proud to be a part of and highlight some of the ways nannies and families can benefit from using an ANA agency.

First things first – What is ANA?

ANA stands for The Association of Nanny Agencies and is the only independent UK based not-for-profit trade association supporting the nanny agency industry.  It was founded to raise standards of work practice and professionalism among nanny agencies.  Member agencies, while independently run and owned, work closely together to share knowledge, support one another, adhere to high principles and are up to date with relevant current legislation and best practice (e.g. employment law updates, data protection etc).

Unlike most forms of childcare, perhaps surprisingly there is no formal regulatory body which oversees nanny agencies – literally anybody can set up a nanny agency.  So how can you be confident that the agency that you choose to either find your nanny or your job is reputable?  Well, by choosing to work with an ANA affiliated agency for your nanny or job search, you can be assured that agencies have chosen (and paid!) to be members, meet the criteria required by ANA for membership, and are committed to maintaining and developing their own professional standards. 

Why should families use an ANA affiliated agency?

  • We are professional. If you are unable to speak to us immediately, we will respond to your message in a sensible time frame and courteous manner.
  • We know our stuff. We maintain high standards of best practice across the board, are meticulous about adhering to the requirements of our client families and will not waste their time with unsuitable candidates.
  • We listen. We build up a relationship with our families, establish a detailed picture of what they are looking for and aim to provide exactly that, whilst offering insights and advice (such as on salary and working patterns) to ensure expectations are realistic on both sides.
  • We are diligent. You can be confident that the candidates we put forward have been interviewed in person, hold (or we can facilitate acquisition of) the relevant, current certifications (such as DBS and paediatric first aid), are ID verified and thoroughly reference checked.
  • We guide. We can offer additional support in the way of contracts, PAYE and insurance providers.
  • We remain. Once we have found you your nanny, the process doesn’t end there. We are always available as a sounding board and to offer continuing advice and support going forward. Many of our clients return to us again and again.

Why should nannies use an ANA affiliated agency?

  • We care. We take the time to get to know you properly so we can represent you accurately to families and find the perfect role(s) for your skills, experience and personality.
  • We advise. We can offer lots of impartial advice and support, including if something goes wrong.
  • We encourage. We provide opportunities to access training and refreshing of skills as part of your Continuing Professional Development.
  • We respect. We appreciate the hard work that goes into becoming a nanny and without great nannies like you, we would not be able to help our clients.
  • We understand. We know that being a nanny is a complicated role, a nanny and family agreement is a two way process and we are committed to ensuring that is right for both parties.
  • We support. We are passionate about ensuring that our nannies are treated with the respect they deserve and that includes continued support from us after you are placed, including help with any initial teething problems and general queries.

For more information about ANA, visit the website https://anauk.org/

Happy Families Nannies – Proud to be an ANA member and here for nannies and families!