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Helen Mussen Owner Happy Families Nannies

Hello, I am Helen Mussen.

I set up Happy Families Nannies in 2016 to serve families and nannies across North West London, Hertfordshire, South Buckinghamshire and Middlesex.  I am a mother of three young children and, until early 2016, I had a 15 year career in Management Consultancy.  Thus, I am very familiar with the challenges facing working and non-working families as they juggle children, jobs, household management and even trying to find a small amount of time for yourselves!

Having employed nannies myself, I understand the needs of both nannies and families.  I am able to provide advice to families on the implications of being a small-scale employer of a nanny, including an overview of the financial and legal considerations that employing nannies involves.  For nannies, I provide constructive and practical advice on career planning, CV writing, interview skills, and helping to choose the right family environment in which to work.

I manage the areas of Hertfordshire, South Bucks and Middlesex.

Contact me on: helen@happyfamiliesnannies.co.uk or call me on 07747 115184.

Helen Mussen Owner Happy Families Nannies

Hello, I am Jessie Dyer.

I have over 17 years’ childcare experience working both as a nanny myself and within teaching. Prior to this I worked as a senior account manager in the photographic and theatre industries.

I’m a mother of two children, and really understand the challenges involved in balancing work and home life.  I am passionate about the welfare of children and will work hard to find a perfect nanny for your family and the perfect family for the nannies on my books   I’m friendly and approachable, and love meeting all my clients in person, wherever possible, so that I can ensure that I am able to really understand your childcare needs.

I manage the North London region of Happy Families, which covers the areas in and around Barnet, Mill Hill, Finchley, Totteridge, Hampstead and Highgate.

Contact me on: jessie@happyfamiliesnannies.co.uk or call me on 07718 236180.

Helen Mussen Owner Happy Families Nannies

Hello, I am Steph Neale.

I have spent over 20 years working in the Executive Search industry and as a mother of two young children, can relate entirely to the endless struggles to achieve that elusive life/work balance via the right childcare route for you. I also have worked as a nanny myself, as well as babysitting for many years, including for newborns, so I absolutely understand the importance of finding the right person for your home and family.

My recruitment background gives me unique insight into assessing personality fits and my childcare experience means I am able to see matters from both perspectives. I am flexible and understanding and will work hard to find the outcome you are looking for.

I’m also a volunteer with the British Red Cross and help children with reading in our local school.

I manage the areas of Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Contact me on: steph@happyfamiliesnannies.co.uk or call 07834 483795.

Helen Mussen Owner Happy Families Nannies

Hello, I am Vicky Everett.

I’m a Mum of three very active, school age children. I worked between the birth of my first and second child and then became a full time mother in more recent years. Having enjoyed both sides of family life, as a working mother and a stay at home mum, I fully appreciate the challenges that both jobs entail.

As I continued to pursue my career after the birth of my daughter in 2008, I also gained the experience of recruiting and employing nannies – which is why I have a great idea of what you might be looking for and how I can help you.

Now managing the areas of Surrey and Hampshire for Happy Families Nannies, my key objective is to meet both you and potential nannies, fully understand requirements and match the right nanny with each family first time.

I manage the areas of Surrey and Hampshire.

Contact me on: vicky@happyfamiliesnannies.co.uk or call me on 07909 963202.

Helen Mussen Owner Happy Families Nannies

Hello, I am Anwen O’Dell.

I work with Helen to help manage the day to day administrative tasks for Happy Families Nannies as I love to organise! I have 17 years worth of experience in organisational and support roles and I make it my goal to make sure everything runs smoothly. I help to keep the wheels turning by scheduling in the meetings between nannies and families, and as a mother of 2 myself I know how hard it is to fit everything In! I will work with you to make sure it’s a smooth process for everyone involved. I am also they key point of contact if Helen is away or unavailable, I look forward to hearing from you.  

My email address is happyfamiliesnannies@gmail.com.