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Should my nanny be OFSTED registered?

We often are asked by our clients about the regulatory requirements for nannies to work, and in particular, whether, and how, nannies should become OFSTED registered.  In this post, we explain what the regulatory requirements are around being a nanny, what it means...

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Happy New (Academic) Year!

Hi Nannies and Families - well September has arrived and most people will be back into the swing of the return (or, in some cases, beginning) of the school routine for another year.  We hope you all had a wonderful summer, that the break from the usual routine was a...

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The importance of taking time out

The school summer holidays have now arrived, and I am sitting here once again wondering how another year has gone past in what feels like the blink of an eye.  It is certainly the case for me that a quote I heard a few years ago for the first time and many times...

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