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Parents’ Helps

A Parents’ Help is similar to a nanny but often works alongside a parent who is at home, rather than being in sole charge.  Their duties could vary from week to week depending on the family’s needs – for example, they might do some housekeeping duties whilst the parent spends time with the child, or spend time with one child whilst the mother or father spends time with another.  They might also be required to do a mixture of sole charge care and working alongside a parent.

It may also be the case that the hours worked by a Parents’ Help might be less than expected of a nanny.  For this reason, a Parents’ Help may work with more than one family.


Choosing the right Parents Help

Parents’ Helps need to be flexible and accommodating.  Some nannies find it more difficult to work alongside a parent than others, so when choosing your preferred candidate, it is important to discuss this issue with them as well as setting out the kinds of duty that you will expect of them.