What our clients and nannies say about us

We couldn’t recommend Jess more highly. Not only has she found us the most incredible nanny for our six month old son (who we certainly wouldn’t have found on our own), but she has guided us through the full process from start to finish in a calm and efficient manner, she has always been available at any time of day to answer (many) questions we have and has helped us in the post offer process with contracts etc. and continues to check in on how everything is going.

We couldn’t be more grateful and feel that what could have been an extremely frustrating and stressful process, was easy, had limited time demands on us, and had no stress attached!

Thank you so much Jess!


Mum, November 2023

I’m thrilled with the outstanding service provided by Happy Families in helping me secure my nanny job. From the personalized approach to the seamless matching process, their professionalism and efficiency stood out. Jess dedication ensured a smooth transition, and I now have a fulfilling position that aligns perfectly with my skills and passion for childcare. I highly recommend Happy Families for anyone seeking a reliable and supportive service in finding the right nanny position. They truly live up to their name, creating happy matches for both families and caregivers. So I guess it is not only Happy Families, it is also Happy Nannies. Thank you so much for all support ❤️


Nanny, March 2024

We were looking for a nanny for the first time in the UK and I spoke to several agencies, feeling very nervous about the whole process. Jessie was the only person who understood who we were looking for (even better than I was able to articulate myself!). She said that her criteria was whether she would want the candidate to look after her own children and sure enough, she didn’t pass on CVs when she felt that they didn’t meet that criteria, which I really appreciated. Jessie took the time to understand my priorities and routines – she also sent through a form to complete which was very clear and I think saved us a lot of time. I really appreciated how proactive Jessie was – the whole process was focussed, quick and very focussed on my children’s wellbeing. I would recommend Jessie to anyone looking for a nanny in London.


Mum, December 2022

Since deciding to go back to nannying after 10 years I knew that Jess would be the right person to talk to. She offered me so much advice on the new rules and regulations and how to apply for all the necessary paperwork and courses needed. Jess is so professional, caring, understanding and knew exactly the sort of family that would be right for me after spending time talking through my requirements.

Jess is extremely thorough and is always available for advice. She’s found the most amazing family for me and I am so excited to start my next adventure and it’s all thanks to Jess.


Nanny, August 2022

Our family has been under enormous stress due to my sons illness and Jessie has been working tirelessly to find nanny that is the perfect fit for our family. Our needs are complicated and not by any means straightforward, but Jessie has been brilliant at understanding exactly what we are after, and helping us find it! I have registered with every nanny agency under the sun and it’s really only been Jessie that “got” the type of person we were looking for. I will be eternally thankful for her patience and hard work during a very difficult time for us.


Mum, September 2022

I highly recommend Happy Families Nannies as a nanny agency. Jess has been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the process. We needed someone ASAP, Jess worked diligently on weekends and late evenings to make sure the process can run as fast as it could. She is always available to speak and give advice, and the candidates she provided were all very capable, thank you Jess!


Mum, June 2023

Jessie was recommended to me when we needed to find a new nanny at short notice. She completely got our needs straightaway and took great care interviewing potential candidates and giving us a strong sense of why those she put forward had so much to offer.  Throughout it felt as though she was genuinely invested in the process of finding the best possible match for us and our new nanny. The nannies we interviewed had been thoroughly briefed about the role and what we were looking for and I also loved hearing from them how well supported and encouraged by Jessie they had been. When we found someone we loved, Jessie was enormously efficient in getting the offer sorted and held our hands through the process. In summary, Jessie is in a totally different league to every other agency we have been in touch with.


Mum, May 2022

We worked with Jessie to find a full-time nanny. It was an efficient and enjoyable process and a real success as we are very happy with the nanny she helped us hire. She is incredibly reactive and professional – taking calls and answering any questions super quickly. We also really appreciated the fact she took the time to come meet us in person at our house to understand our preferences and make sure she found the right fit for us. During the interview process, she would always provide helpful and detailed references and pointers including a list of questions. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a nanny!


Mum, March 2024

Jessie Dyer was recommended to us after an unsuccessful two month nanny search which resulted in me panicking that I would not be able to find someone before returning to work full time. Our situation is not straightforward as our eldest has multiple allergies. It has been difficult to find a nanny who is willing to take on the responsibility even when the time spent with him was going to be for less than two hours a day.

All I can say is that Jessie is an absolute star and has the utmost professional approach. She listened to what we needed and put forward incredibly good candidates. She held my hand throughout the whole process and did not give up until we found the nanny that we absolutely adore. Jessie was patient, understanding, sweet, and always up to the point. She has been a delight to work with and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is struggling to find the right nanny for their family. 

Mum, London, April 2022

I found Jessie from several, unrelated, glowing reviews on a North London parenting facebook site where I posted asking for a nanny agency ”who really listened to what I wanted and took responsibility for the candidates they put forward”.   That described Jess exactly – the service she provided was thoughtful and really tailored to the needs of my family.  Importantly also she had taken the time to get to know the nannies and what they were looking for and considered not only their CVs but the fit of personality and values.  I would have been happy to hire either of the candidates Jess put forward and am very happy with where we ended up – and so are my kids!

Mum, London, November 2022

Being a nanny over 10 years, lots of families and agency’s, I joined Happy families a few months ago and it’s honestly been the best experience of finding a new family to join.
Jess is so thorough and caring about what I want, completely understanding if I don’t feel 100% into something. Nothing is to much effort, Jess goes above and beyond and it’s made everything so much easier.
Hopefully I’ll be with my new family for a long time but I will always recommend and use this agency! 10/10. Thank you so much. Xx


Nanny, February 2022

The prospect of searching for a nanny filled us with dread. However, a personal recommendation from a wonderful nanny at a music class led us to Jessie from Happy Families. From our first conversation with Jessie we felt confident that she would be able to connect us with the nanny we were looking for, and she did not disappoint.  

Jessie is very particular about matching families with nannies who will both nurture the children and fit in with the family ethos and dynamics. We decided to use Happy Families exclusively and it was a great choice. Jess found us the perfect Spanish nanny and we and the children are really looking forward to her coming to work with us. Jessie was warm, friendly, informative and professional throughout, answering all our questions and guiding us through the process. We would recommend her highly.


Mum , April 2022

Jessie has been absolutely phenomenal. My first time hiring a nanny and she has been super quick to guide, help, respond, day and night. Needless to say she got the job done (vs the other 5 agencies I was working with) with the speed of light and found me an awesome nanny. I cannot thank her enough for her professionalism, patience and warmth through this process.

Mum, January 2024

Jessie and team have been incredibly enthusiastic, supportive and diligent in helping us to find our nanny. Jessie supported our process from start to finish from writing our job advert, to phone screening candidates, providing detailed notes on every candidate interviewed and even providing us with a first draft offer letter and contract. We’d have been at a loss without her and have found the recruitment process far more bespoke and tailored (and more cost effective) than a typical agency could ever provided.

We are delighted that the nanny we’ve hired is exactly the right person for us thanks to Jessie and her team’s support!


Mum, April 2023

It has been a pleasure working with Jessie to find our nanny. She’s held our hand from our first enquiry and genuinely cares about the families and Nannie’s that she’s working with. Jessie told me when I first spoke to her that she’s never had to re-place a nanny, and now I totally understand why! She takes the time to understand what employer/employee needs from the position and will only put forward the right match, and she’s got the contacts to back that up. The communication from Jessie has been excellent, I felt reassured throughout the process. The stress of going back to work and leaving your little one is enough to deal with on its own, having Jessie to take on our nanny search was a huge weight off, we would highly recommend using her services.


Mum, February 2024

Happy Families and Jess came highly recommended on a local mum’s Facebook group and I quickly learned why. When I first contacted Jess, we had just let the only nanny we had ever employed go suddenly over safety concerns so I was a bit of a nervous wreck in addition to busy looking after a toddler and baby all day making it a challenge to find times to speak. Jess, a mum herself, completely understood and went above and beyond the other agencies in making herself available. This made a phenomenal difference by ensuring I was able to see suitable candidates much faster. Jess continued to differentiate herself after our initial call: instead of sending us a batch of CVs to wade through that may or may not be the right fit, Jess carefully screened candidates against the important characteristics unique to our role and circumstances, then put forward fewer, more tailored fits. She then took into consideration the feedback on candidates which then informed further selection until she found a match that exceeded what I had hoped to find for our family. I couldn’t be more thankful for Jess’ help and sage advice throughout the process.


Parent, May 2022

We clicked with Jess right from our first conversation (unlike the other agencies we spoke with) and immediately knew she would find us a great nanny for our son based on her careful and thorough vetting process. She understood exactly what we were looking for and was able to very quickly recommend a nanny that was becoming available so the whole process was wrapped up in a few weeks. She was also able to advise us on various aspects related to contracts, employment requirements and payroll services!


Parent, April 2023

I’m back at work and S has been our constant calm despite the chaos!  Thankfully the children are so well attended to by her that they are blissfully unaware of the changes taking place.  S has seamlessly moulded into our lifestyle and made great progress with our children.  We are so pleased she feels valued and happy with us. 

Thank you to Helen and Happy Families Nannies for helping us with this search.  You made our nanny hunt stress free and successful. 


Mum, September 2020

I am so pleased I found Jess and the Happy Nannies Agency! I had been looking for a nanny for a while without any success, but as soon as I spoke to Jess I knew she could help. Professional, helpful and easy to talk to, Jess talked me through the process for looking for a nanny and what I should include in the advert. I found a wonderful nanny, couldn’t have been happier with the service I received! I appreciated that I was given advice about payroll and employee benefits as well as having a contract drawn up. Highly recommend Jess and Happy Family Nannies for all your nanny needs!


Mum, July 2023

Jess at Happy Families Nannies – North London has been a real life saver for me and my family – we needed a nanny urgently and she moved so swiftly and efficiently, able to understand what our needs and wishes were.
She has been extremely patient to answer all my (many!) questions and I have been delighted with how professional but also lovely she has been!


Mum, North London, May 2021

Jessie and her team have been super helpful in searching for our Nanny. Jessie guides you through every step of the process, taking all the hard work and stress off your hands. She provides regular updates and only searches for high calibre/ experts, which also gives you peace of mind. She was in regular contact and always available when we had questions. I highly recommend Happy Families Nannies to anyone looking for a nanny! Thanks Jessie for all your help.


Mum, April 2023

Jess was great. We discussed the kind of person we were looking for in detail, and she guided us through that process so carefully and sensitively that we understood our own priorities much better as a result. She found exactly the right person for us. And it couldn’t have been a smoother or easier process, in terms of the admin, logistics and so on. We would recommend Jess to anyone.


Dad, July 2023

As we are new to the city, I was nervous about looking for a nanny on our own. Jessie from Happy Families took away all the guess work. 

She took the time to make sure we had a clear understanding of who we were looking for. Every candidate she sent us was qualified and met all our criteria. The search was fast, efficient and even nice because Jessie is so practiced and “on it”. 

We found a nanny we are confident will be amazing! thanks Jessie and Happy Families


Mum, Finchley, September 2019

Jessie has done an outstanding job helping me to find an incredible family, she was absolutely amazing from the beginning of the process !! I can’t thank Jessie enough for everything she has done for me. I have never had such an amazing person be so helpful and she’s so passionate about her job!! I would recommend Jessie to anyone looking for a nanny position!’


Nanny, April 2021

I would highly recommend Jessie at Happy Families to anyone searching for a nanny. Unlike some of the bigger agencies who seem to operate at quite an impersonal level, Jessie made sure she had a complete and thorough picture of our family’s needs, even taking the time to meet me in person, before she commenced the search on our behalf. One of my children has autism, so it was of paramount importance that we found the right nanny, not just any nanny. Jessie carefully selected only the most appropriate candidates for us to interview, and I am really impressed at how right she got it! I think she has a great instinct for finding good people, and was very communicative throughout. I am very pleased with the service and would certainly use Happy Families in the future.

Mum, June 2023